Selected Publications (alphabetical)

Alexander, R.T.

Alexander R.T., Cordat E., Chambrey R., Dimke H., Eladari D. (2016) – “Acidosis and urinary calcium excretion, insights from genetic disorders”. In press for Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

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Alexander RT, Jaumouillé V, Yeung T, Furuya W, Peltekova I, Boucher A, Zasloff M, Orlowski J, Grinstein S.EMBO J. (2011) Membrane surface charge dictates the structure and function of the epithelial Na+/H+ exchanger. 30(4):679-91.


Casey, J.R.

Badior, K., Alka, K., and Casey, J.R. (2016) SLC4A11 Three-Dimensional Homology Model Rationalizes Corneal Dystrophy-causing Mutations, Human Mutation, In press.

Loganathan, S.K., Schneider, H.P., Morgan, P.E., Deitmer, J.W., and Casey, J.R. (2016) Functional Assessment of SLC4A11, an Integral Membrane Protein Mutated in Corneal Dystrophies, Am. J. Physiol., 311, C735-C748.

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Soumittra, N., Loganathan, S.K., Madhavan, D., Ramprasad, V.L., Arokiasamy, T., Sumathi, S., Karthiyayini, T., Rachapalli, S.R., Kumaramanicakvel, G., Casey, J.R., and Rajagopal, R. (2014), Biosynthetic and functional defects in newly-identified SLC4A11 mutants and absence of COL8A2 mutations in Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy, J. Human Genetics, 59, 444-53.

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Chen, X-Z.    

Zheng, W., Shen, F., Hu, R., Roy, B., Yang, J., Wang, Q., Zhang, F., King, J.C., Sergi, C., Liu, S.-M., Cordat, E., Tang, J., Cao, Y., Ali, D.W., and Chen, X.-Z.* Far upstream element-binding protein 1 binds the untranslated region of PKD2 and suppresses its translation. J. Am. Soc. NephrolEpub ahead of print, 2016. doi:10.1681/ASN.2015070836.

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Cordat, E.

Chang H.F., Bzeih H., Schirra C., Halamani M., Cordat E., Krause E., Pattu V., Rettig J. (2016) – “Endocytosis of cytotoxic granules is essential for multiple killing of target cells by T lymphocytes” Journal of Immunology, 197(6):2473-84. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1600828.

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Fliegel, L.

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