Dr. Joe Casey (Director)
Ph.D, University of Toronto

Molecular Physiology of Bicarbonate Transport



Dr. Xing-Zhen Chen

Ph.D, University of Montreal

Structure-function and regulation of polycystins and fibrocystin



Dr. Larry Fliegel
Ph.D, University of Calgary

Regulation of intracellular pH via the Na+/H+ exchanger



Dr. Elaine Leslie

PhD, Queen’s University

The role of transport proteins in toxicology



Dr. Howard Young

Ph.D, University of Connecticut

Regulation of calcium transport in heart disease



Dr. Marek Michalak

Ph.D, Nencki Institute

Structure, function and role of the ER membrane system in the control of intracellular signalling


Dr. James Young

PhD, University of Edinburgh

Molecular Physiology of Nucleoside and Amino Acid Transporter Proteins



Dr. Joanne Lemieux (Associate Director)

Ph.D, New York University

Structural studies of intramembrane peptidases




Dr. Emmanuelle Cordat

PhD, Nice/Sophia Antipolis University

Bicarbonate Transporters in Renal Physiology



Dr. Harley T Kurata

PhD, University of British Columbia

Function and pharmacology of ion channel proteins



Dr. Michael Overduin

Ph.D, The Rockefeller University

Proteins involved in membrane recognition, genetic diseases, oncoproteins and microbial pathogenesis


Dr. Nicolas Touret

Ph.D, Molecular and Cellular Biology University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis France

Cell Biology of Pattern Recognition Receptors


Dr. Joel Weiner

Ph.D, Cornell University

Proteins of the electron transport chain