Congratulations to this year’s summer students for having successfully presented their topics. The Student talks were held on August 17 and August 24 at the 2J4.02 CLASSROOM F.

Following are the list of the students who presented along with their topics.

Results to be announced soon !



STUDENT                                    LAB                                                                                                           TOPIC

Jacqueline Karathra                   Lemieux                                     “Understanding the role of intramembrane proteins PARL and PINK1 in Parkinson’s disease”

Andrew Song                                Lemieux                                                                                              “Programmed Cell Death Protein 1”

Clark Thompson                            Casey                                                                           ‘Role of SLC4A11 in Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy’

Shawna Peng                                  Young                                                         “Investigating the role of Sarcolipin Tail Mutants in Heart Failure”

Justin Lee                                    Alexander                “Delineating the Functional Roles of  Trpv6 & Cav1.3 in Mediating Jejunal Calcium Absorption Pre-weaning”

Dary Chen                                       Casey                                                                     “The role of Band 3 Protein in Red Blood Cell   Senescence”

Cen Yang                                        Fliegel                                                          “Characterization of Teleost Sodium and Acid   Base Transfer Proteins.”

Deborah Yee                                  Fliegel                            “Characterization of Novel Na+/H+ Exchanger   Inhibitors for use in Triple Negative Breast Cancer.”

Jeremy Thomas                            Cordat                                       “Characterization of novel mutations in kAE1 that cause distal renal tubule acidosis.”

Ivy Porter                                       Young                                          “Effects of Hereditary Mutations of Phospholamban on the Regulation of SERCA”